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High quality roll surface is achieved by using high precision CNC grinders, on line roll surface measurement, cracks and bruise detection with NDT equipment (Eddy current, ultra sound & surface wave).


We provide :


  • High quality level and homogeneous roll surface,

  • Improved roll profile, within a range of 2 microns

  • Stock removal reduced to the optimum

Rolls Hospital

We provide work roll body, journal repair and keyway repairing.

EDT Texturing

Electro-Discharge Texturing provides high quality textured surface in a range of 1,5 to 10mm Improved roll roughness consistency is achieved through high level process control of the EDT machine variables.


Benefits of EDT compared to shot blasting (SBT):


  • Ra variation within a range of +/-5%

  • High peak count (Pc)

  • Lower waviness (Wa)

  • Improved strip control

Chocks Maintenance

We provide chock maintenance program, including full inspection and repairing.

Chrome Plating

The CD process is a primary requirement for rolling mills work roll application. This process consists of electrolytic deposition of a metallic chrome layer which has specific and unique properties.


This layer has a micro-cracked structure providing low stress, high lubricity, low coefficient of friction and high reproducibility of the substrate roughness. High density micro-cracks act as lubricant reservoirs and effectively reduce the strip/roll contact area.


Benefits of chrome plating to cold mills:


  • Increase rolls life

  • Reduced stock removal

  • Increase resistance to rolls damage

  • Improve strip flatness and cleanness

  • Improve mill reduction (energy savings)

  • Reduce mills downtime

  • Increase choice of rolls manufacturer and variety of inventory



Roll Surface Technologies (RST) provide hard chrome plating, steel / polyurethane / rubber roll grinding, electro discharge ( EDT) roll texturing, chock maintenance and inspection as well as a diverse range of other services such as plant maintenance, roll turning and repair, and in plant coil logistics solutions.


A subsidiary of Court Holdings and part of the Court Work Roll Service Group, which operates more than 30 plants in 14 countries.


Court Holdings are an industry leader in the development and implementation of new technologies, committed to continuous improvement in everything they do, from their products and processes, to their management methods and team approach. This provides customers with the finest; products, processes and customer service available, at world class competitive prices.


RST, is ISO 9001 accredited and ideally placed to develop a tailored service solution to manufacturing customers requirements within the Australian and South East Asian Markets.


Customers serviced by Court holdings Work Roll Service Group include; ArcelorMittal, Bao Steel, ThyssenKrupp Steel, China Steel, Kaohsiung Steel (Iron & Steel), Severstal, Yieh Loong Steel, Meishan Steel, Uttam Galva Steel, Corus (TATA), Ilva Steel, US Steel, AK Steel, Ternium-Hyls, Grupo IMSA ,Nucor, Vega do Sul, Usiminas, CSN, BlueScope Steel and Alcoa.






For any inquiries or questions please call: 03 5979 7226 or fill out the following form:

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Western Port Works

PO Box 69, Hastings, Victoria 3915

T: 03 5979 7226  F: 03 5979 7228


To apply for a job with Core RST, please send a cover letter together with your resume to:

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